We are currently looking for psychics and alternative medicine practitioners including experts in Feng Shui and people who have knowledge and experience of Alien contact from the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland and of course the UK. The radio show will be fully interactive and practitioners will be able to take calls world wide, if you wish to take this opportunity and gain knowledge from the largest pool of psychic minds and alternative practitioners in the world then please contact mediaexec@ilsley.com or call UK 01584 890465 - USA 01144 1584890465.

Successful applicants will have to be of high standard; the benefits will be free world advertising through the radio station including interactive calls, which they will be able to receive payment for whilst broadcasting from the comfort of their own home. The software necessary will be installed on your computer; all you will need are the usual system requirements plus a microphone and broadband. Successful applicants will also have the opportunity to take part in Bernard's forthcoming book launch and world Theatre tour.

Advertising slots will be available. To advertise you will need to record your advertisement on audio CD. Advertising rates available on request.


...Treat yourself to an expedition of a lifetime. Learn about yourself from the Soul outwards; past lives, Karmic debts, spirit guides and development of abilities. Communicate with your own Spirit Guides - All of these experiences in paradise. Take a break from the Abrasive Winter Weather; engage in the Tropical Sands of Waikiki.

MEDITATION - On the Sunday evening Bernard will concentrate on the fundamental Basics of meditation and development to really help your physical body and conscious mind to unwind, relax and meticulously enjoy the rest of your retreat break and the invaluable knowledge you will gain. Bernard and the group will concentrate on posture, breathing control, visualisation techniques, the releasing of blocked energies and improvement of the meridian flow of energy. All set on the beautiful Waikiki Beach, Hawaii.

COMMUNICATION WITH SPIRIT GUIDES - On the Tuesday evening you can make contact and communicate with each individual Spirit Guide, you may think you don't have one - we'll see. Or maybe you have tried desperately to make contact with yours but just aren't able too - Bernard will help you individually with your specific messages of material and Spiritual guidance you can also take part in that evenings sťance.

COMMUNICATION WITH BEINGS OF A HIGHER INTELLIGENCE - With the universal knowledge that Bernard has it would be a crime not to delve in to the vastness of what's out 'there'. Thursday evening will give you information and an insight into the worldly matters on a Universal level covering dimensions beyond Earth. Of course there is potential of a direct communication with an Alien Being.

EVENING OF CLAIRVOYANCE AND HEALING - On the Friday evening yourself and the locals can take part in an Evening of Clairvoyance, contact with loved ones, hands on healing, advise and diagnosis from the world famous Dr Chan. For the healing a communal input will be greatly appreciated.

DAILY BREAKFAST MEETINGS - throughout the week Bernard will hold four Breakfast meetings in which you will be able to discuss your following day and anything else you wish to talk with Bernard about.

Also throughout the week the group will take part in a tour around the beautiful OAHU, which is also where the Castaways from TV's LOST can be found! We will visit the tragic PEARL HARBOUR. Visit Oahu's LEGENDARY MARKET and Indulge in a TRANQUIL SPA TREATMENT.

For all information and any further inquiries please do not hesitate to call on UK 01584 890465 - USA 01144 1584890465 or Email Bernard@Ilsley.com.

Trip to Market: get lost on a shopping safari under canopies of banyan and palm trees. With over 130 carts, shops and artisan stands, this open-air setting in the heart of Waikiki remains a must-see-and-do for that special gift or souvenir. Take time to talk story with the local craftspeople, and snap a photo by a cascading waterfall under a century-old banyan, original home of Donn the Beachcomber.

Pearl Harbor/Arizona Memorial, Honolulu City, & Punchbowl Tour: discover Honolulu's historical sites. Provides a live historical narration about the first attack on the United States, "a day that will live in infamy." When you arrive at the Arizona Memorial National Park, first view a dramatic film containing actual footage of the attack on Pearl Harbor. At the Memorial, you will visit the Shrine Room and reflect on the names of 1,177 men resting on the sunken battleship below. Browse through the fascinating Arizona Memorial W.W.II Museum exhibits and visit the gift shop where you can find W.W.II books, souvenirs, and memorabilia. Take a fascinating historical tour of Honolulu and learn how Hawaii became America 50th state after being a Kingdom, a republic and a USA territory.

Swimming with Dolphins (optional)

Bernard will be on BBC radio 95.6FM, 10:00pm, Wednesday 14th February 2007, tune in for all of the star sign compatibilities during 2007.

Bernard is currently writing a book which will include some of the most interesting experiences in his twenty year career this will include his experiences with spirit, aliens, and many celebrates from sport to high society, and of course how he firstly became aware of his amazing gift and much more. Including the dramatic and emotionally charged tracing of the last steps of a murder victim with the young murder victims mother.

Do you want to know more about this man, the same man that predicted when and where Saddam Hussein's capture would be on BBC radio, the same man that received a call from the White House to ask if the they would be safe whilst September the 11th unfolded, the same man that has also spoken to Bruce Lee from spirit, Bob Marley, and even dared to communicate with Grigori Rasputin and the Devil himself.

World predictions

Six months prior to the Russian Submarine disaster Bernard on BBC radio predicted that there would be a Russian nuclear submarine that would run into problems and that the only way the crew would be able to be saved would be for a UK and US coalition team to rescue them this later turned out to be the Kursk.

In September 2003 on BBC radio Bernard predicted that Sadam Hussain would be captured and not only that but also that he would be captured in a bunker not far from his hometown before the end of December 2003.

Predicted Sept 2003 on BBC radio Osama Bin laden is operating from a large ship and information about it will come to light late 2004 a large explosion on a ship is also connected.

On Friday December 10th 2004 Western Daily Express Al-Qaeda plans to stage a September 11 style attack in the next twelve months, Uk security experts claim today, the recent appointment of maritime terror specialist Saudi Hamund al Utaibi as head of Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia points towards this.

Predicted Sept 2003 on BBC radio the Princess Diana inquest will run into difficulty further legal action through the European courts will be brought by Mr Al Fayed.

An Earthquake in Japan will make headlines September 2004 predicted on BBC radio January 2004. (This made headlines September 5th 2004)

BBC radio July 2004 there will be a power struggle once again with some senior BBC executives over the running of the BBC early 2005 (March 2nd 2005 National news - Major shake up in the BBC a decision to scrap governors role and replace with Trust)

Predicted January 2004 on BBC Radio a super bug problem will escalate it may originate from Africa (MRSA Recurrently made headlines through June and July 2004)

BBC radio July 2004 a kidnap attempt on a high profile celebrities or political figures family member by terrorists, taking the war of terror to a new level later this year.(Yet another prediction unfortunately came to be for the Prime minister of Iraq as terrorists kidnap his cousin 11th November 2004)

Predicted on BBC Radio five live in February 2005 later this year around October Paul Mcartney will make an announcement that will create a lot of media interest, it could be news of a baby.(we now know that this unfortunately is his divorce situation and the worry he has about his daughter)

Predicted on BBC Radio five live February 2005 US forces will be accused of invading Iran through the back door and under cover, Russian and Chinese officials will object strongly. Talks to calm things down would be advisable.

Feed back from happy clients.

I saw you many years ago and you were very accurate. I would like another reading.

Ashwinder (UK) 1999

Dear Bernard, Thank you so much for my reading! It made me feel much, much better! Thank you also for the reading last year. It was dead-on! ...and Aphrodite did send her arrows! Thank-you for cheering me up! With Best Wishes

Diana (UK) 2000

Thank you once again for the thought provoking reading!

Barb (Florida) 2001

You've been like a knight in shining armour to me over the past 6 or 7 months and I want a great deal to thank you for your help. Without it I don't even know if I would still be here.

Eliza (UK) 2003

Thank you very much for your kindness and insight. It made a lot of sense all that you said. I really appreciate it. Namaste

Kevin (Ireland)2002

Dear Bernard,
I wanted to write to thank you for my previous lives reading. I finished listening to it this lunchtime and I am overwhelmed and cannot thank you enough. I listened very carefully to all that you said, maybe the full impact of which hasn't really sunk in yet. But I had to write to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless

Sharon D (UK) 2003

Will I ever get promotion? you were spot on with your last readings. Sam (UK) 2002

Dear Bernard,
I had a reading from you some 10 years ago which, over the years has all come true. At that time you were travelling all over the country and gave the reading at my sister's house in Bristol. Do you still do readings of this kind or are all your readings now done via phone or post? I look forward to hearing from you.

Dave (UK) 2002

Our cat Merlin turned up on their lawn, but there is a 5 week period where he was elsewhere, as I lost him on the 8th Jan and they took him in on the 20th Feb. He was very nervous and dirty and matted but the man looked after him and he is as good as new now. Drew and I are going to see him tomorrow they live the other side of Red Hill playing fields. Thank you, I knew it was just a matter of time, before what you already knew would come to fruition...

Mandy (UK) 2004

Hi Bernard
I just thought I would let you know that you were correct our buyer did contact us last Friday.

Kieth (UK) 2002

Thank you for your recent reading - you are absolutely fabulous and you are a wonderful person. I always Love hearing from my Father as well. He inspires me greatly. Thank you again,

Jackie (New York) 2002

Dear Bernard,
Thank you for the reading, it has made me look even more optimistic towards the future.. and it was nice to hear my gran - i only vaguely remembered her because she died when i was young. I'll do what she told anyway! (and not be a pain in the butt). I'll ask you for any pyschic readings/advice in the future. Kind Regards,

Hannah (UK) 2002

Hi Bernard,
I wanted to drop you a line saying how much I enjoyed the reading I had on Thursday. Best wishes,

2004 Carl (UK)

Thank you for your advice and giudance

Galatia (Greece) 2003

hello Bernard....
thank you so very much for the reading yesterday...it was most meaningful to me...and I am grateful to you for it... and celebrating the tenth anniversary of our very first reading was momentous... have a wonderful journey back across the pond...let's stay in touch, Bernard....with great appreciation...don.

(New York) 2003

Hello Bernard~
Thank you very much for the reading. It rang very true.

Leanne. Pennsylvania (USA) 2004

Hi Bernard
I certainly have unforgettable memories of your previous advice and support and would really appreciate if you do this for me once more. Thanks very much Lots of love

Rodrigo (Chile) 2005

Hi Bernard
(i) R resolved all of her issues regarding her being able to practice as a solicitor in the UK and has just been admitted as a solicitor in the UK where she has just commenced working (ii) We received word that our Planning Permission has been granted for the large house that we want to build. So good news on both fronts (both of which you correctly predicted).

John (Bermuda) 2005

Hi Bernard
Thank you for your reading it has made me a lot happier. Can you forward this type of reading by email too instead of recorded? Thank you again for making me feel a lot better

Luv Carol xx (UK) 2005

Dear Bernard,
Thank you for the incredible support you have provided for me over the past 10 years. Of all the councellors, doctors, mediums lightworkers, psychics and psychic healers, you have provided me with more support and insight than them all combined. The ability that you have to communicate with spirit guides astounds me and humbles me. I am in awe of what you have taught me. Thank you Bernard, Much love

Michelle. (Australia 2006)

I have known Bernard for 14 years, during this time he has helped me through some very challenging times in my career and personal life. Bernard is a talented, patient, sensitive and caring person who works extremely hard for his clients and has demonstrated on many occasions his need to serve the community and help others overcome their personal and professional difficulties.

Keith Bound MAC Master Practitioner NLP Metaphor Coaching Systems (UK 2006)

I've known Bernard Ilsley for thirteen years. I met him through a very good friend while he was here on Holiday. Although I was sort of skeptical of what he does for a profession. He has helped me through some difficult times im my life. Without his spiritual guidance I feel my life would have taken a different course. Bernard is a very special person. What you see is what you get, there are no hidden agendas. He is warm, kind, giving and selflessness. He would give you his shirt off his back. He has a gentle heart and would do anything in his power to help someone. The world needs more people with his kindred spirit. Bernard eludes a gentle calm which is very comforting in a time when the world is so hectic.

Respectfully, Lydia Rachid (New York USA 2006)

The admiration he instantly inspires in those who encounter him helps explain why, on the basis of only a few exchanges, I'd like to provide a reference. We were introduced in New York City by our mutual friend Mrs. Vilna Kembery in 2004, when they were both visiting there. He did not know anything about my work as a widely published writer or my university career. His response to me was purely personal-attentive, open, and good humoured; and I felt that the foundation for a friendly association had been surveyed and marked out. Since that time we have corresponded and spoken by telephone I sense in him neither rage nor bitterness, instead, the kind of fortitude we find in the writings of Gramsci, Primo Levi, and Terry Weeks.

Yours sincerely, Alfred Corn (New York USA 2006)

I have known Mr. Bernard Ilsley for more than twelve years. Bernard is a kind, gentle man who has been most generous in his concern for his fellow man. I believe that the world is a better place because of his contributions. He has helped so many people to feel better about their lives and to see hope in their future and understand their past. Bernard has gained the respect of hundreds of people, who have learned that he is honest, considerate and extremely caring. I cannot imagine what we will all do if Bernard is not available to continue his good, altruistic work. He is greatly needed by many members of society both in the UK and abroad.

Thank you, Sincerely, Nancy Karas (California USA 2006)

hello Bernard... how very exciting this pre-book tour must be... I only wish that I was in the UK during this time, so that I could personally applaud you and your uncanny abilities.... thanks, Bernard, for all that you have accomplished in Europe and the UK and here in the USA... you are an incredible human being.... all my best wishes....

don (NY USA)20/10/2006

Bless your heart - and Dr. Chan. With all my heart I thank you both (and spirit and John ). Just amazing - this time last week my face was so swollen that everyone who saw me said '' tooth/abscess problem''. But you and Dr.Chan said '' soft tissue damage '' and that with healing from Dr. Chan it would recover. Every day Bernard it has been getting better and today it is good. I have told everyone I know about it - So many people tried to get me to go to the doctor / dentist. You said that I didn't need to see a doctor or a dentist - and I didn't. Bless you again for everything and for ''being there''.

Vilna.x. (Derbyshire UK) 10/07/2007

Thank you for my readings, i came to see you ten years ago and you got everything correct, i have been to see others since but they was no good your the only one who has been right thank you, do you do reading in person as my mom and aunt would like a reading but not on the phone or by mail only in person, they have seen you before some years ago, do you do group readings would you please email me back as soon as possible so i can let them know with the information and the prices many thanks.

Elaine (UK) 20/08/2007

Dear Bernard,
I trust I find you in the very best of health. I wanted to put pen to paper to thank you for the profound and life changing effect you've had since our first reading in Birmingham, in your New Street office, in 2004. I've had several readings since then and each one was full of deep, meaningful and sincere guidance on the possible paths in my life. To say the road in my life had been easy would be understatement however I had heeded your comments with intense interest and this had steered me a more positive direction. To a lay person, it would be difficult to explain the unbelievable accuracy and insight from each reading. I know the heartfelt sincereity in your advice and I thank you warmly. There are many points we had discussed where the route taken could have lead to disastrous consequences however with your help, these negative paths had been averted. I am a far knowleadgeable about the pitfulls in the future and I can honestly say with unequivocall truth that I owe my current wellbeing to your advice. We had last spoken on the 2nd August and the full extent of your reading is now unfolding before my eyes. I listen to your readings on a frequent because I glean new and fresher gems of insight upon further listening and gain further profound understanding. My "life map" is clear for the next 6 months and beyond. I realise it is my within my grasp to make reality the life I should be leading to fulfill my potential. It is this clarity of thought and vision, I give thanks to you

Sabu (UK 20/09/07)

Refund policy.

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